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During a walk, Pochi gets separated from his owner, and ends up lost in the subterranean world...

When Pochi accidentally swallows a bar of soap, he spits out the bubbles and solves the mystery of the dungeon!

Will Porgy make it back to his family safely!


move : [A]and[D]

Bubble Shot Middle : [Left]click

Bubble Shot Down :[S]and [Left]click

Bubble Shot Up :[W]and [Left]click

development member

Graphic artist



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Download the demo version!

Press [Alt]+[Enter] to switch between windowed and full-screen mode.

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Puzzle
Tags2D, Pixel Art, pufferfish
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Launch BubblePuff demo.exe

The demo version is up to stage 2, please wait for the full version!


BubblePuff demo.zip 63 MB


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Seriously adorable graphics. c: The frogs noshing on noodles and onigiris made me hungry. I encountered a bug on level 1 where I got stuck in a little nook on the ceiling, but gameplay was smooth otherwise. Enjoyed all the hidden levels too. Great demo! ^^

Pretty awesome game the controls are still a bit stiff but the game has promise! I cant wait for more! The opening scene will absolutely hook you!


how to fullscreen?

You can press Alt+enter in the screen


good game <3


Esta bueno... no lo he probado pero es bueno XD = It's good ... I haven't tried it but it's good XD

what a wholesome game

Darandy,keep making entertaining games like this

here is some gameplay <3


Made a video

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This game is great to look at, but the gameplay... The keyboard mouse combo is annoying and unnecessary. Most of the time it's unclear what is a platform and what is a part of the background. Also the ability to jump seems like it's taking away from the main bubble mechanic.

Very true

Hi there, I loved playing your BubblePuff game very much, especially when the main character, Pochi, is so adorable, nice background music that evokes a sense of loneliness and hope, the hopping sounds Pochi makes while moving around, though I kept mistiming my jumps over the frogs :p 

I look forward to playing the full game in 2021 :D

Oi coloquei seu jogo no meu canal, da um pulo la para assistir!!

This game is cute! The pixel graphics are great and the bubble mechanic takes some getting used to but is cool.

There is a glitch, however, when I floated up toward the chest in lvl 2, I became softlocked within the triangular edge of the chest platform.

Other than that, I enjoyed playing it!

What a phenomenal experience. I loved the art, the glow and the ambience of the world. I cannot wait for more, I am anticipating the full version of the game so much!

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so sweet


The game concept reminds me a bit of the Bubble Bobble 4 Friends with the aspect of being able to ride your own bubbles although mechanically the bubbles act quite different and the jumps are quite clumsy but suitable for a fish that is on land while encourages you to use the bubbles to move around. Por otro lado el arte del juego es simplemente precioso y considerado que tiene bastante potencial si se potencia algo puzzles y exploracion mas adelante en el juego.
I did a little gameplay that includes the controller inputs, but I must say that the control felt quite responsive and fluid.


Did you make this for Ludum Dare 47? If not,then don’t use the tag! That’s rude!

Apparently a tag was entered by mistake. My apologies.


The art of this game is incredible! This game is in my Top 5 of the week!

Amazing game dev :D